Wearable Tech Finder

Wearable Tech Finder finds information on wearable technology companies from Instagram.


              Finding the latest companies talking about wearable technology is easy with Wearable Tech Finder. Wearable Tech Finder uses python to grab all the users that have posted about wearable technology that day. It then checks if the user is part of a company and if they are it returns the companies bio, email address, and location. 

How it works

The python code first takes the hashtag that was specified (#wearabletech) and finds all related posts made that day. It then goes to the user's page and checks if the person has a company URL in their bio. The program scrapes that URL for information about the company.

The Company Scraper first finds the location of the company by using google's geocode API. If that search is unsuccessful, the program uses a python package for Whois, a query and response database protocol that stores registered user information. The Company Scraper then uses Regular Expressions to find any emails on the company site. It then finds a bio description of the company by putting the name of the company into a google search and extracting the description that shows up in the results. Finally, all of this is data is aggregated into a text file.

The hyperlinks gathered in the Company Scraper are used to take screenshots of each company page with Selenium, an automated browser.


Below is a link to the code on Github