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Possible tommorrows

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"Body Politic was a group exhibition of near-future and absurd wearable technology solutions to problems in society. Body Politic featured works from Ani LiuAyo OkunseindeAzra AksamijaEmmeline FranklinBrittany CohenLauren McCarthy, Manisha Mohan, Pedro OliveiraSophia BruecknerWiena LinXuedi Chen, and was guest curated by Laura Zittrain."


"Brittany Cohen ’17.5, along with Amily He, a master’s student at the Rhode Island School of Design, created Kinetic Clothing — a clothing line designed with automatic closures meant to help the elderly dress themselves, Cohen said. The idea stemmed from Cohen’s interests in fashion and sustainability and He’s passion for helping the elderly, Cohen added."

Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations,largest outdoor temporary public art event ever presented in Montreal


Industrial Design Seniors '17 

RISD exhibition showcasing Empowered 


"Brittany Cohen’s SmartVest startup was also awarded money to build a prototype to test her apparel designs, following in the footsteps of Nike’s new self-tying sneakers."


"emPowered, Brittany Cohen and Emmeline Franklin’s dress shown in a video at “Body Politic,” invitingly unlocks a shoulder strap when the wearer takes on a power pose."


"Teammates Brittany Cohen and Amily He initially planned to make kinetic clothing that helped elderly individuals get dressed, but they changed their plan and their product after talking extensively with staff at care facilities, doctors and elderly would-be customers. Realizing that their proposed solutions would be too complex for their clients, they found another problem to fix.

In their three-minute presentation on their venture, something that every B-Lab team delivered at the closing ceremony, Cohen and He explained that they instead created pajamas with inflatable air bladders to help prevent bed sores, a common, distressing and expensive problem among patients unable to move or turn themselves in bed."

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