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Kinetic Clothing

Kinetic Clothing, motorized sleeves that go up and down.

       Kinetic clothing is the merge of mechanical and electrical components into the garment to adapt to our body and the environment through changing shape. Kinetic Clothing was developed by Brittany to solve multiple problems she noticed in everyday life. Brittany wanted to create a garment where the sleeves could adjust to the desired length based on weather change while also changing the sleeves' style. As the design progressed, she began to shift the project's focus on people with arthritis to help with the processes of rolling up sleeves. The concept was presented in May of 2016 at Aging 2.0, a pitching event that is part of a global search for the best aging focused startups. There Brittany received a check from Doctor’s Choice to build more prototypes to test apparel designs.

How it works

The dress consists of a pro trinket and H-bridge, wired and programmed to control the dress's motors. When one of the buttons is pressed, the H-bridge allows voltage to be applied across the motors in either direction through transistors. This results in the motors being able to pull the sleeves up or down. 

Pulley system

Prototype Processes

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