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Ying Gao
6/2017 – 8/2017

Ying Gao is a Montreal-based fashion designer who uses electronic devices to create robotic clothing out of silicone, glass, and organza. While working as an engineering/design intern, I contributed to the public installation, STILL LIFE – UNE CERTAINE NATURE, and the interactive clothing, POSSIBLE TOMORROWS.


POSSIBLE TOMORROWS consisted of two interactive garments. I digitally rendered 3D models of garment components in SketchUp and assembled motors and electronics onto the garments. I also designed an Arduino shield in EAGLE.

Still Life– Une Certaine Nature 

For this interactive public art piece, I prototyped a fan mechanism that moved fabric through the air and assembled the final display.

Palauan Breeze

During my internship, Ying gave me the freedom to explore my own designs with unusual materials. Here I created Palauan Breeze, inspired by underwater sea life. 

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