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No One Nose

No One Nose is an exploration of all of the unknowns life will present us with, each a different turn, twist, and bump. 

No One Nose, was influenced by my struggles with anxiety and learning how to cope with the ebbs and flows of life. The past few years have been a whirlwind of challenges and opportunities: experiencing toxic relationships that taught me invaluable lessons about self-worth, leaving an unhealthy work environment to reclaim my happiness, creating a business that reflected my vision and values, and pivoting into a new field. All of these experiences have contributed to my journey and played a role in the concept of this piece.  I wanted to make an art piece that combined my background in electrical engineering and my love of fashion. What I aim to capture is that the presence of uncertainties and challenges in our lives, just as with times of positivity and happiness, will come and go. And we should appreciate both. 


The fluid flows through tubing and through the 3D-printed nose with the same perceived randomness of those unknowns. The fluid is light in parts and dark in others. I hope anyone going through a dark period will look at my work and realize that their situation is temporary and a part of life, that the impediment will pass, that they are capable of overcoming it.

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