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HoloJacket, wearable hologram videos that showcase your interests to others.

           In today's world, we often hide behind electronic devices, avoiding social interaction with one another.  Sometimes we might want to break the ice and make conversation with someone sitting next to us. But how? The HoloJacket makes for an easy icebreaker by showcasing one's interests to the world. 

           The HoloJacket features two hologram displays that represent what the wearer wants to share with the world. Each screen is connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero. One of the displays uses a PITFT HAT while the other an NTSC/PAL TFT Display. The hologram displays are detachable from the jacket, making it easy to wash. A Python program runs automatically when the Pi is turned on. Easy access to the GPIO pins allows the user to escape the video loop to access the computer interface and safely shut down the device. The HoloJacket also uses a power boost 500 to make it easily portable by allowing a 3.7 LiPo battery to be used. 


Close up of Holograms

Build your own!

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Collaborators: Bryn Lourié

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