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FitBrit: a workout device that helps improve form. 


            The form is essential for muscle development and injury prevention. FitBrit is an armband that helps guide the user with proper form. FitBrit currently features five different workouts that you can change with a press of a button. The OLED screen displays the workout you are on and how many sets you have done.  Different colors from an LED shine when the user has correctly acquired the position.  

How it works


The microcontroller is programmed to take data from the accelerometer and calculate different x,y, and z angles. Each workout contains a specific set of angles. Once these angles are met, the LED starts to emit a color based on that position. 


Although the FitBrit doesn't include any flex sensors, it was initially designed with the intent of detecting different angles for working out through the use of flex sensors. Below is a simple flex sensor system:

 Inside of FitBrit

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